ENSC Family Notes

August 11, 2014

Welcome Back to School

With just two days completed, it is clearly evident that ENSC is heading toward an outstanding school year. The start of the year can be a bit challenging for families as students adjust to the structure of rising early, after school activities, and homework. Our staff will be certain to make every day an educationally rewarding day for your child(ren).

The first two days were very smooth and issue free. The hours and days of summer projects and preparation for a new year that our technology, maintenance, and transportation departments completed are appreciated as the buildings look amazing, students were transported safely, and internet access was available to all.

Like school districts across Indiana and the United States, we lost a few teachers to other districts as we neared our start date. Fortunately, administrators were able to find quality replacements and we welcome those new teachers to our district and thank them for sharing their talents with our students.

Welcome back to school. It is going to be an exciting and rewarding year for all of us.

Vision for Students and District

It is the vision of ENSC to provide educational opportunities for students that ensure college and career success. While our teachers and district focus on developing students who are strong in language arts and math, two critical skills for post secondary success, it is also important that the district strive to provide academic opportunities that meet the needs of the whole child. We believe the arts, science, social studies, health, problem solving, critical thinking, and many other education opportunities are critical to helping our students become life long learners and successful in life.

Middle School Information

The School Board continues to focus on land selection. The two sites of strong interest continue to be at the intersection of HWY3 and Main Street in Kendallville. One directly to the south and one to the north west.

Below is the question that will be on the ballot in November.

"Shall East Noble School Corporation issue bonds or enter into a lease to finance the construction of a new East Noble Middle School and mechanical and roof improvements to East Noble High School, which is estimated to cost not more than $37,880,000 and is estimated to increase the property tax rate for debt service by a maximum of $0.3547 per $100 of assessed valuation over the 20 year life of the bonds?"

Please understand:

1. The $.3547 per $100 is the maximum - it could be less!

2. Twenty years to pay off the debt is the maximum - it could be less!

And, most importantly, the $.3547 is an "increase" from zero! When ENSC begins to repay the debt for the middle school, other current debt will be paid off. This tax rate is actually less than what tax payers are paying now!! See the graphic below prepared by Umbaugh Assoc., a school financial advising organization.

Big image

All Star of the Week

This year, we will again recognize a stellar staff member and will be called "All Star of the Week."

This week’s All-Star is Beth Kerr! Beth Kerr is entering her 11th year as an AVE (A Valued Employee) at Avilla Elementary School. During this time she has served primarily as a third grade teacher. Her calm demeanor and quick smile are very much appreciated. She helps with STAR as well as serving as a resource for Daily Five and technology questions at Avilla. She is a quiet leader and always thinks of what is best not only for her own students but all of the students at Avilla. She and her husband Bruce have two sons and the entire family are fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes as well as the Cincinnati Reds! Congratulations on being named an ENSC All-Star!

Twitter and Facebook

East Noble School Corporation maintains a Facebook page (facebook.com/eastnoble) and a Twitter account (@ENobleSchCorp) to post news and information. Please like the facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Have a Great Week

Have a great week and always feel free to contact me.

Ann Linson


Building and Curriculum Notes

Curriculum Notes from Becca Lamon

As we embark on the 2014-2015 school year, the state level assessments have undergone changes over the summer. Some of the changes are minor, while others are complete overhauls. Below is a brief description of changes. More in-depth details will be shared as we approach each assessment window.

  • BURST (K-2) – New testing manuals will be used to perform the assessments. They have arrived in the district.
  • mClass (K-2) – The Step Kits are being replaced with the Atlas book kits. These kits should have a book for every reading level and better comprehension questions. The previous books will be added to the progress monitoring materials along with the addition of over 100 new titles of progress monitoring materials that were ordered for each building.
  • ISTEP (3-8) – While keeping the same name, the test has undergone a complete overhaul. As the DOE releases more information, it will be sent out to teachers. We will now have six types of questions:

· Multiple-Choice (MC)

· Gridded-Response (GR)

· Constructed-Response (CR)

· Extended-Response (ER)

· Writing Prompt (WP)

· Technology-Enhanced (TE)

  • Acuity (3-8 and 10) – Acuity has also undergone changes to be better aligned to the new ISTEP.
  • IMAST (3-8) – This assessment has been eliminated.
  • ISTAR (3-10) – ISTAR had been replaced with the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) Assessment. The assessment switches from being teacher reported to a student interactive test.
  • ECA (10-12) – The ECA assessment will include that same assessment as in the past but a new test session will be added that focused on the new standards. The student grade will come from the old portion of the test but the school grade with come from both the old and new sections.

The next few years will be quite challenging with ISTEP as the test in 2015 will be different than 2014 and the 2016 test will be different than 2015!

Alternative Learning Center

Welcome to Belinda Justus, the Alternative Learning Center's new Coordinator. Belinda has been working with students at the ALC for several years in a counselor capactiy and ENSC is happy to have her full time leading and working with students. Matt Stinson will be the ALC administrator; however, Mrs. Justus will be working directly with students and leading the ALC on a daily basis. Below are Mrs. Justus' notes for the week.

It was a great first week at the ALC!! I quickly got initiated into my new role with some obstacles to start the first morning, but we got through it, and the students were very flexible. We had four families utilize the Knight’s Kloset, getting their children school clothes to start the new year. Please continue to spread the word about the clothing bank. Families were very busy cleaning out their own closets this summer, so we have plenty of donations to share with others! I would also like to thank some special helpers, Matt, Natalie, Mom, and Dad, who spent several long hours helping me get donations organized, washed, and put away. All of our student spots were filled to start the year and after some students coming and going we still have around 40 students enrolled to attend each day. The new students are quickly getting acquainted with Apex and the ALC schedule. It’s going to be a great year!

East Noble High School

The ENHS staff would like to welcome you back to another great year. We’ve got high expectations for our teachers and our students. This year our teachers will “Raise the Rigor”. Many teachers attended, and several even presented at, our 3rd Annual Knight Time Technology Summer Conference. As we move into the new school year we are going to build on our foundation of technology integration. We will look to improve the rigor of our technology applications in the classroom, thus better preparing our kids for the technology demands of the post-secondary world. We will continue to stay ahead of the Common Core curve as we develop methods and strategies to empower kids to do well on the ever-changing series of assessments. We are quite proud of our dual credit offerings, but we will continue to find more opportunities for kids to work smarter, not harder so they can save money at the next level. Our AP scores have improved, and we are pleased of the indication that our curriculum is strong. However, we will continue to look at ways to support our students with the high demands of AP.

The first two days have been filled with positive energy and smiling faces. ENHS is a great place to work, and an even better place to learn. We take our job of educating kids seriously, and appreciate the effort our students put into their studies and extracurricular activities. We are proud of our graduates, and we will continue to work hard every day to ensure our kids are ready for life after high school. Over the next school year, we look forward to sharing all the great things happening at ENHS. Thank you for your support.

East Noble Middle School

Middle school students have gotten off to a great start to the school year. 7th and 8th graders entered the building excited to find their friends, anxious to find their lockers and classes, and looking forward to a great school year. During the first and second period, Mr. Deming met with both grades to discuss expectations for the school year. During this time he introduced No Excuses University to the students and the importance of attending post-secondary education after high school. Staff and students are working on their pledges for this school year to go along with the No Excuses culture of the building. The middle school is looking forward to the many great things that No Excuses will be bringing to the culture of the building.

Along with new students to the building, we also welcome new staff members to the building. Jordan Vaught is a new 7th grade social studies teacher and Jim Gardner also joins the social studies department as a 9 week maternity leave substitute. Ryan Starkel is joining us from Wayne Center as our 7th grade health teacher and Corrie Owsley is also joining us from Wayne Center as our new instructional assistant. Nicole Treesh is the new media assistant teacher and will also be teaching a new class at the middle school, Computer Programming. Carrie Demske joins us from North Side as our new special education teacher and she replaces Sarah Ackerman who has filled a new position as a half time school counselor. The middle school is fortunate to have all of these great people joining our school family.

North Side Elementary School

Excitement was in the air as students and staff began the first few days of the school year. With a new principal and three new teachers change abounds. Students also noticed something new in each of their classrooms this year. Each room has chosen a university theme and is decorated to the hill. Notre Dame, Indiana, and Ohio State are a few of the examples of room themes students’ experience. This is all a part of the focus on post-secondary education at North Side.

Along these lines families were encouraged to sign their children up for 529 College Savings Plans. It was very exciting to see the 529 table at Back to School Night crowded all night long. It is our hope to get every student signed up for a 529 savings plan and on the financial and educational path to college. If you have not completed this process yet and need help please call the school.

Rome City Elementary School

The 2014-2015 school year started at Rome City with lots of excitement and anticipation!

Teachers laughing in the hallways, students smiling and waving at teachers and friends, as they were glad to be back at school. A photo was taken of two teachers, Mrs. Scherer and Mrs. Bolen as they were so excited to start the school year. Both ladies, posted the picture out on Facebook to express their excitement for the new school year!

Staff at Rome City are preparing to learn and apply to become a No Excuses University school. As we are learning more about No Excuses University we are preparing students to know “after high school comes college.” We are teaching the students this every day and incorporating life after high school in our daily activities.

Students and Staff took time out this week to have fun and build community within the classroom. Classroom procedures, safety drills, rocket math goals, and learning the first trait of good writing was taught as students eased their way back into the routine. We are excited to start a full week of school next week!

South Side Elementary School

South Side had a great start to the school year! From open registration to Kindergarten health screenings to back-to-school night, the building has been buzzing with staff, students, families, and community members for the last two weeks. Everyone was excited to get started, and it felt great to finally begin! This year, we are looking forward to an even greater focus on No Excuses University, opening opportunities for our students to begin planning for the future. Teachers are ready with their Six Traits and CAFE boards to grow confident writers and analytical readers. Laptops are in the hands of our fifth and sixth graders, and our K-1 students get to begin their journey with educational technology through their new iPads this year. We have a lot to be excited about! Let the journey begin!

Wayne Center Elementary School

The first day of school was an exciting day for all, especially for our kindergarten students. Donning new clothes and backpacks, the students greeted their teachers with a big smile. In the first couple days of school, the students took a tour of the school, met staff members they will be working with, and learned many new procedures such as where to hang up their backpacks, where to turn in notes for their teachers, and how to go through the lunch line. Kindergartners also got to meet some sixth graders this past week. For dismissal, kindergarten students were grouped by bus number and a sixth grade helper walked them to their bus. The sixth graders showed great care and responsibility in getting students to the correct bus.