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Elementary Classrooms

In this cite you will find great resources to use for your own individual classroom. Enjoy!

Slideboom http://www.slideboom.com/

This a great way to share powerpoint presentations with other teachers online
This video is a simple overview of 5th grade science
What is a Sentence is a great resource to watch on how to teach 1st graders what a sentence is
What is a sentence! 1st grade!
What can you teach with Whole Brain Teaching's classroom management system? Almost anything! Watch this demonstration as students have a lively calendar session ... reinforced by their creative adaption of the Munster's theme song! For more information about Whole Teaching, contact Chris Biffle at CBiffle@AOL.com.
Whole Brain Teaching : 1st Grade Classroom Management
This video is a simple preparation for a day in the life of an elementary teacher
A Day in the Life - Elementary Teacher
As part of the Five Interactive Favorites Video Series from StarrMatica.com, this video gives elementary teachers ideas for teaching Fractions with interactive, online resources.
Fractions -A StarrMatica.com Educational Video


Storynory bring different stories for students to read each week. There are 41 episodes


Twister is a great way for students to work on tongue twisters and practice there speech. There are 5 episodes

Catch Phrase

Catch phrase consists of 4 items that explains phrases from previous stories


Alice is a great collection of the Alice in Wonderland chapters. There are 15 sections

Sam Woolfman

Great mystery stories of disappearing people that consists of 7 chapters