Poetry Anthology

by Jacob Garcia


Jacob Garcia was born McKinney, Texas in 2001. He began writing poetry in middle school. He quickly to a liking to it and has wrote poetry ever since. it gave him a way to express himself using words which he really enjoyed. Here are some of his most famous poems.

Where I'm From poem

I am From Blanket, From Ibanez and Hotwheels
I am from the Cleanness of everything
I am from the tree in the front lawn, the bush in the flower bed
I am from the campfire and brown eyes
From John and Joe and Garcia
I am from the cleaning of the counter tops and the sitting on the couch
From i love you and how was your day
I am from Christianity
I am from Texas, waffles, and cereal
From the Joe seeing Bigfoot, the eyes, and the short thick hair
I am from the wall of family photos and their sentimental value
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Narrative poem

​The Stray

I can hear it in the bushes
It walks along the filthy ground
The twigs snap under its mighty paws
It gets into the trash to scavenge for food
The trash can hits the floor
It sits on top the fence
Staring me straight in the eye like a hawk
It cries to the sky
To the dark desolate night sky
Wanting a loving caring home
The wind seems to cry and scream with it
The moon looks down onto the ground
It lights the way for the stray
Starving, frightened, freezing
The stray looks for shelter
Again it walks from place to place
Looking for a home


Waking to the morning light
Knowing that your by my side
Everything just starts to feel right
No longer do i have to hide

Nothing in the world can compare
To your pure beauty
I try not to Stare
I want to bring you close to me

With you i want to stay
Just a little bit longer
I never Want to move away
With you I'm free to ponder

I feel alive when I'm around you
And i know you feel the same about me too
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My favorite poem was the narrative because it was the easiest to write and had the most option to write about. To write it i just let the ideas come to me as i wrote and let everything come together. The effect I wanted the reader to feel was that i wanted the writer to feel the emotions that went along with the poem. I used ideas and word choice to do this. I felt a little unsure about the writing process because i wasn't really sure how i was going to right these poems and make them good quality poems.