Macomb county tribunary

Dead trash

Mr. Bob Ewell was found dead at 9:00 after the Halloween pageant after falling on top of his knife.
Mr.Ewell was attacking Jem and Scout Finch under an oak tree in front of the Radly house when according to sheriff of Macomb county,Heck Tate, he fell on his knife
Mr. Ewell was recently the father of the State's lead witness Mayella Ewell for the case Of Tom Robinson vs the Ewells. Mr. Ewell was called to testify for the case. The case was decided in favor of the Ewells.
Mr. Ewell was seen after the trial cursing Atticus for making a fool out of him. Later on, he was also seen spiting in his face saying that he get him back no matter what.
"We were under the tree when I was suddenly grabbed onto from behind. My costume was torn and I was thrown to the ground. I wasn't able to see anything until help arrived" said Scout Finch
"It was a matter of revenge, he was drunk and he felt the consequences. It is a closed case" said Mr.Tate
The death of Bob Ewell leaves his children in the hands of oldest child Mayella.
Picture is of the recently decease Bob Ewell.

Grand Trial Tom Robinson vs. Ewells

Court is out on the biggest case in Maycomb county recent history.

The Trial of Tom Robinson vs. Ewells took place on last Saturday 7/24/34 In Macomb county court house for the rape of Local Resident Mayella Ewell has Tom Robinson, Local black man, convicted for all allegations against him.

Defending him was local gentleman Atticus Finch and Mr. Glimer as prosecution. The Trial took several hours to complete with testimonies from local Sheriff, Heck Tate, Bob Ewell, Father of the state lead witness, Mayella Ewell, state lead witness, and Tom Robinson, defendant.

The Trial's Jury, including Mr. Cunhiham and Mr. Whitness, were all away for six hours deciding on their verdict. When they returned they rolled that Tom was guilty.

Atticus Finch stated that "We have a good chance of getting an appeal."

Bob Ewell commented on the Trial ranting that "How dare that Atticus Finch dare make a fool out. that..." This quote has been cut to fit into good Christen language.

Appeal shall be through in about 3-4 months, if revoked Tom Robinson's execution will put on death row.

Picture by Carl Johnson

Defendant Tom Robinson

New couple in Town. Mr. Atticus Finch and Ms. Maudie Attinson

With have a new couple in town and they are Mr. Atticus Finch, local lawyer, and Ms. Maudie Atkinson, local resident, have been seen meeting at the same spot for several days infrequently. Atticus Finch's children Jeremy and Jean Finch have also been going between their houses obviously delivering message of love between the two. While spying on the two children from a close distance these words like love, goodies, candy, drinks, and entailments were heard. Our experts say that this must mean that they will be married in six months.

Rome-Berlin Axis

A new pact has been made and it's Between the Nazis and Italy dictator Benito Mussolini.

The Rome-Berlin axis is alliance between leader Of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, and Fascist Dictator, Benito Mussolini, on 21 Oct. 1936 in Germany, increasing their power.

The new deal came about through when General Franco leading a group of fascist rebels took on the Spanish government gained support with the Italian government and later on by Nazi Germany. With the Spanish government overthrown, Hitler invited Mussolini to Germany and signed it on 21 Oct. 1936. according to

The pact secures military and industrial trade between the two nations and with a combined effort, stop the soviet union and the spread of communism. facts according to alpha

This new force have both drop out of the League of Nations and have also agreed to the annihilation of Jews.

The new force has been rumored to have secret correspondence and messages.

This new alliance is bound to create an increase in exports between the two countries

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I hold that Tom was unfairly prosuected by unfair bias in the court. The evidence was clearly laid out that not only was there not enough information to bring the case to court, but that Tom himself was unable to commit the crime in the way describe by all three witness. Tom was then ripped from his home due to unjust procedure and should have been release.
Jem Finch.