Juvenile Justice Update

This Week's News September 4, 2012

Welcome to Juvenile Justice Update!

Having a child in the juvenile justice system isn't on anyone's bucket list. This year though one out of three young people between the ages of 12 and 23 will be arrested for a non-traffic offense. Juvenile Justice Update focuses on children under the age of 18 although a lot of the news is at least tangentially related to young adults. I look forward to sharing the most interesting and current news of the week and hearing your comments.

A Step Forward For Teens

The Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 that imposing mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole for juveniles convicted of murder is unconstitutional. It's important to note mandatory is the operative term. This controversial decision is a huge step forward in working with teens who are not mini adults. Read more...

Parent Doesn't Mean Representative

This article on the Reclaiming Futures website offers excellent insight into how parents can actually harm their children during questioning by police and other justice system staff. "Just tell them everything" is bad, bad advice.

Read the entire article here...