why penguins can't fly

A Fable by: Davis Ratzlaff

Once upon a time, Paul the penguin was enjoying an amazing view of. While he was flying he caught a glimpse of a giant golden glowing fish! "Oh boy, that look delicious!", said Paul. So he decided to swoop down and grab the fish. But what he didn't know was that that fish we special!

Unfortunately for Paul, when he swooped down to try and grab the fish that same fish slapped him across the face! "Ouch!", cried Paul. "Why were you trying to eat me?", roared the mysterious fish. "Us fish are innocent!", complained the fish. "Because us penguins are the boss around here!", taunted Paul.

"Oh is that so?", said the fish in disgust. "Yeah!",argued Paul. "We do what we want and nobody can stop us!", rioted Paul in anger. "The how about seeing this from our perspective!" said the fish. "What do you mean by that?", said Paul.

"I mean by not flying, and instead swimming!", said the fish. "Good luck with that!", taunted Paul. There was a loud and cool breeze that blew by the fish and the penguin and there was nothing but silence until the penguin decided to speak. "Uh, what was that?", questioned Paul. "Winter.", said the fish. "You no longer, along with all the other penguins, cannot fly any more.", said the fish. "

"Yeah right", said the penguin. "Well its been nice meeting you and now I'm going to go fly to my kids to tell them that we have a very special dinner tonight, be back in five!", said Paul. When the penguin tried to fly he couldn't. Instead of now swimming, like all the other penguins have decided to do, he just walked every where he went. And if you were to ever go to Antarctica you would see the fish. The end.