IPS exam

Alana Kosches

IPS Lab Safety Notes

For Every Lab!!!

Goggles must be kept OVER YOUR EYES until Mr. Leeds says to put them away

***even if you are already finished and cleaned up***

Report ALL accidents/spills to Mr. Leeds IMMEDIATELY

Use common sense at all times

In Case of Emergency

Call the nurse at ext. 2828

Safety Equipment in the Classroom

  1. Fire extinguisher
  2. Fire blanket
  3. Eye wash/shower

How To Work With Chemicals

  1. NEVER TAST CHEMICALS (even if they look yummy)
  2. Always WAFT LIQUIDS to detect odor
  4. Avoid touching chemicals
  5. Always wash hands with soap and water after lab
  6. If any chemicals touch your skin: FLUSH skin with water for 1 minute AND tell Mr. Leeds


  1. Hot and cold glass look the same
  2. Never use chipped or broken glass
  3. Never use force to remove or insert glass
***tell Mr. Leeds and dispose of broken glass in the proper trash

Alcohol Burners

  1. Roll up sleeves, put UP long hair, NOT just pull back (or you cannot do the lab)
  2. Never walk away from a lit burner
  3. Never point the open end of a hot test tube at yourself or someone else
  4. Do not look down into a test tube/beaker while it is being heated
  5. Make sure the burner is CAPPED and the flame is out when you are done

End of Experiment!!!


Make certain that the burner is out if one was used

Keep goggles on (over eyes) until Mr. Leeds says to put them away

Lab Safety Quiz

Test the odors of liquids by _______ them under your nose.


If something spills or breaks the first thing you do is _______.

tell Mr. Leeds

You should wash you hands with _______ after handling all chemicals.

soap and water

Never use _______ to remove or insert glass.


Before leaving class, you lab are must be completely ____.


Capping the alcohol burner puts out the flame because fire needs ______.


You must keep you ______ on until Mr. Leeds says to remove them.


______ is the extension for the Nurse in case of an emergency during class.


True or False

You should report all accidents to Mr. Leeds at the end of class.


You should never throw broken glass into the regular trash.


If you get any chemicals on your skin you should flush your skin with water and tell Mr. Leeds.


You can take your goggles off as soon as you finish the lab.


Hot glass looks different than cold glass.


It is ok to use a cracked test tube as long as you are careful.


The Emergency Blanket is used if someone really needs to take a nap.


It is ok to put your goggles up on your forehead when you clean up.



1. List three important safety tips when working with an alcohol burner (other than wear goggles)

  • put your long hair up in a ponytail
  • never walk away from a lit burner
  • roll up long sleeves
2. List three safety precautions you should take when using chemicals. (other than wear goggles)

  • to smell a liquid chemical, always waft the smell
  • Never waft a solid or powder chemical
  • If a chemical touches your skin, flush that body part under water for 1 minute and call over Mr. Leeds

3. List one thing you should do at the end of every experiment (or you will lose points).

  • clean up your area

4. List three pieces of safety equipment located within the classroom.

  • emergency blanket
  • fire extinguisher
  • eye wash/shower

5. What is the emergency blanket used for?

  • You wrap the emergency blanket around anything that is one fire, and the chemicals on the blanket will put out the fire.