Electro-magnetic Waves

What Kind of Disturbance Creates an Electromagnetic Wave?

A change in a magnetic field causes a change in the electic field. The two fields in turn create an EM wave.

How are EM Waves different From Mechanical Waves?

One way that EM waves differ from mechanical waves is that mechanical waves require a medium to transport energy. Electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum. This makes them effective in traveling through outer space. Another difference is that EM waves travel at much higher velocities, and sound waves propegate much slower.

What Characteristics do Different Waves on the EM Spectrum Have?

Radio Waves - Have frequencies that range from 30kHz - 3GHz. Lowest energy waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. Longest wavelengths of all EM waves.

Micro Waves - Frequencies range from 300MHz - 300GHz. Lower energy EM waves. Second longest wave lengths of EM spectrum.

Infared Waves - Frequencies range from 1000 micrometers - 0.7 micrometers. Low to medium energy EM waves. 3rd longest wavelengths of EM spectrum.

Visible Light Waves - Frequencies range from 700 nm - 400 nm. Medium energy waves. 4th longest wavelengths of the EM spectrum.

Ultravioltet Waves - Frequencies rangre from 400nm - 10nm Medium to high energy waves. 3rd highest waelength of the EM spectrum.

X-ray Waves - Frequencies range from 100eV - 200 keV. Higher energy waves. 2nd Highest wavelingth of the EM spectrum.

Gamma Ray Waves - frequencies range from 200 keV - 200MeV. Highest energy waves. Shortest wavelengths of the EM spectrum.

How do Electromagnetic Waves Play a Role in our Day to Day Life?

Radio Waves - AM Radio & Amateur Radio

Micro Waves - Microwave & Satalites

Infared Waves - TV remotes & Nightvision goggles

Visible Light Waves - Fireflies & Lightbulbs

Ultraviolet Waves - Light from the Sun & Tanning Booth

X - Ray Waves - Airport security scanner & Doctors office X - Ray machine

Gamma Rays - Pet Scan & Gammar Ray Spectrometer (tool used by NASA)

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