"The Vet"

Produced entirely by Tyler Buman

The War in Afghanistan

We have been in Afghanistan for years now, constantly fighting terrorists, and the Taliban. We all wonder why. Remember 911? It might seem so distant now, but we all remember what it was like. Everyone wanted to do something about it. So we invaded Iraq and later Afghanistan, to hunt down Bin Laden and his terrorists friends. Now, twelve years later, where are we. We have accomplished our main goal of nailing Bin Laden, but at what cost? Most people know that we have gotten Bin Laden, and that seemingly every week, another Al Queada leader has been droned. You might realize that almost as many soldiers have died in the war as were killed in the towers. What they don't know is what it is actually like over there, what's happening, and what needs to happen, before we leave to make sure that we won't be attacked again, and that the country we leave won't fall into chaos. Here is what it looks like.

The Long Road Ahead

We have nearly completed our task in Afghanistan, but there are a few things we need to complete, to make sure that the country is in better shape when we leave next year than when we got there years ago. We have about completed the objective of ridding the Afghan people of the Taliban, we now are training their army to be able to handle the terrorists. When they can, then we can leave, knowing that we accomplished what we set out to do.

Inspired by Lucas Musich and Bill Reinig

I thank them for their service, and all that they've done. They volunteered, they wanted to help protect our country, that's something I can't help but respect.