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The Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) of the Montclair Public Library is a group of teens who participate in and influence the functioning of the library, especially for teen programming and library materials. Most importantly, TAB is a forum to have your opinions and suggestions heard.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month, September - May and members receive community service hours for participating.

For more information email:

Justin Kontonicolaou at justin.kontonicolaou@montclair.bccls.org

A Note from our TAB Member

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By Chloe Bugat

In the December Newsletter there’s plenty to be discussed! First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone (whatever you may celebrate), and may your Winter Break be the best one yet. Hopefully you can enjoy the time off, drink plenty of hot chocolate, see your friends and family, and have a pajama day (or five).

In this issue, there’s a review on The Wiz, and if you’re more interested in local talent, you should check out the piece about the SVPA Show. Not only does this issue discuss theatre, but we also have a book review fro you too! In terms of events, this month we have another Passport to Flavor, this time featuring Japan! There will be miso soup, and (more importantly) candy sushi. On the 6th, there will be an author visit by the one and only David Levithan, as well as E.R. Frank. This is probably the biggest library-hosted event to ever be written about in this newsletter, and attendance will be high, so RSVP now if you want a seat! On the 12th we will be hosting our 27th Annual Community Kwanzaa Celebration! And on the 18th will be the monthly drop in games day, so if you want a relaxing afternoon playing games with your friends, here’s a great opportunity. Also monthly is Knights of the Round Table (KORT), which is TAB’s book club. This month there isn’t a specific book for everyone to read, so come prepared to talk about books of your own (no matter how long ago you read them). Any opinions you want to share, critiques you want to give, or philosophies you want to discuss, can be said at KORT, and if that isn’t incentive enough, Justin usually bakes some pretty mean goodies. Lastly I’ll leave you with a request to send in any movie suggestions you have for Family Movie Night in January, because the more ideas the better (just make sure to keep it PG!).

Happy December!

Upcoming December Evets!

Open Book/Open Mind Conversations with YA Authors: David Levithan and E.R. Frank

Passport to Flavor: Destination Japan!

Book Review by Rohan Israni

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë paints a picture of Jane Eyre as a rebel and a dissenter who struggles to gain her freedom from social conventions in the Victorian era. Jane Eyre, however, truly attains emotional liberation and autonomy by letting her imagination guide her, by listening to her natural feelings and by breaking away from Victorian standards. Charlotte Brontë wrote this novel to advocate for women’s equality and for a shift into a less rigid and controlled society that is not focused on wealth, power and class. Her novel has opened doors for many women to achieve a sense of freedom from the patriarchal tyranny of society . I would definitely recommend reading this novel as it gives the readers an understanding of how tyranny and freedom play important roles in helping Jane evolve from a submissive and compliant being to a free, independent and strong-willed character.

Check out a copy today!

Movie Review by Carrington Brooks

I've been in love with the movie the Wizard of Oz ever since I was the tin man in my school play in fourth grade. Soon after the play I was introduced to the movie The Wiz. I loved it! The movie was great and full of singing and dancing which made me want to get up and sing along. This made me even more excited when The Wiz Live! Was coming out.

The Wiz Live was really great! It had a mix modern day along with the Wizard of Oz and The Wiz. It was like I was watching a Broadway play! The cast included Shanice Willams as Dorothy, Elijah Kelley as the scarecrow, Ne-yo as the Tin Man and David Alan Grier as the Lion. I would definitely recommend that you watch!

Rate:4/5 stars

Silence by Anonymous

Can you hear the silence?

Filling up the air,

Squeezing through the cracks,

Blocking out the world.

Then it is shattered

Within a single moment,

Cracked by the sounds of the world,

Forever gone.


By the millions it surrounds,

Failing to shelter us

From the doom we put upon ourselves.

Photo taken by Samantha Chee

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"I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again."

― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Sharron Miller’s Academy for the Performing Arts by May Li

Last Saturday on December 5 there was a fundraiser for Sharron Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts at her school on South Park Street with over 200 people at the fundraiser including the performers. This fundraiser is their Annual Holiday Fundraiser and quite a few dancers performed that night. For example there was a spanish piece with young girls from age 6-10, as well a couple of other dances with young girls as well. The older dances included music from the Nutcracker and the Performance Workshop Ensemble (PWE) performed a great piece as well. The Junior Performance Workshop Ensemble (JPWE) also performed a modern dance and there was a duet. There night was not only filled with dancing but an Auction with gift baskets and goodies and food was sold as well. Although the performance space was small it was surely a treat.

Happy Birthday TAB Members!

  • Ali Lin: December 6th
  • May Li: December 8th
  • Nathaniel Woodnick: December 9th
  • Amelia Chan: December 16th
  • Chase Jackson: December 16th