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6th Grade Students
John Abraham

Saron A. Aklog

Caleb O. Anderson

Devin R. Anderson

Leah D. Aparicio

Erick Arevalo

Mahlet W. Asfere

Zain A. Ashraf

Gustave J. Atisso

Christian A. Baldwin

Brandon J. Benjamin

Zoey N. Broderickaryee

Kaylynn A. Bromell

Anthony S. Chheang

Asher I. Chu

Dionne A. Cole

Ali H. Damani

Daouda Modibo Dembele

Jordyn R. Ellis

Delina A. Gebremedhin

Ethan J. Gonzalez Ren

Mikayla S. Graham

Alan R. Gutierrez

Olivia G. Gyapong

Jared A. Haftel

Michael I. Henry

Maxine Hsu

Ella A. Jacobs

Martin Janda

Sarah S. Jang

Alaina D. Jenkins

Emmanuel S. Kandavalli

Gelila A. Kebede

Alishah Khan

Andrew M. Le

Lana Lee

Michael K. Ley

Abhay Oliver P. Maloo

Carl Alfred B. Mata

Jahiem N. Mayfield

Mason A. Minus

Grace S. Nambo-Renom

Seth K. Nathan

Minh-Anh D. Nguyen

Vienna C. Nguyen

Asia N. Nuchurch

Oseikhuemen E. Oniha

Osezenoria E. Oniha

Anna K. Petersen

Shyazana Rahaman

Kaitlin N. Rawlings

Zane A. Rawlings

Joseph T. Shatzer

Patience F. Soares

Blake L. Stallings

Sashit Sujith

Kyle N. Tat

Solome M. Teferi

Nathan D. Temesgen

Alexander L. Tinsay

Eric H. Tran

Uyen-Nhu P. Tran

Violeta A. Von Rossing

Elyssa E. Watson

Kendall O. Williams

7th Grade Students

Aaron T. Alem

Bemigbar A. Amsalu

Kelly C. Anokwu

Leah Anteneh

Lydia Anteneh

Ashley T. Badwal

Elijah K. Bailey-Lowden

Josellen A. Bempah

Ashley Patrick Y. Chatad

Gabriella A. Chen

Nelson Chen

Sophie Cisse

Harrold Oneil Djani Samedeu

Shekinah A. Ellis

Victoria O. Fasheun

Christian D. Harris

Madison A. Holman

Samantha L. Holman

Celeste T. Kane

Kinara A. Kee

Nelson D. Landaverde

Ian G. Lymas

Soncheree V. McCampbell

Ashley T. Nguyen

Daneil Nguyen

Viet D. Nguyen

Kapsalla S. Ngwa

Chris T. Nhan

Will-Josh Njeumi

Madeline J. Plunkett

Paige E. Plunkett

Brian R. Tregoning

Vickie H. Tu

Tiffany Ung-Chang

Jasmine Voon

Redeit N. Woldebirhan

Jimin Yoon

Kayleigh G. Zeman

Joel A. Zinkievich

Mario A. Zuniga Cruz

8th Grade Students

Andrew P. Acharia

Blen W. Asfere

Sean M. Belke

Jazlyn C. Benitez

Nicolas O. Blanchet

Jayson L. Davis

Alexander R. Jones

Hiwot A. Kassahun

Alena S. Khalil

Hassan A. Khan

Emily M. Kirk

Victor P. Ley

Naa'Oli K. Mamie

Mollie E. McKenney

Pierce A. McKenzie

Taylor G. McLaughlin

Ruth D. Mulugeta

Megan N. Rawlings

Sydney B. Ruckdeschel

Edima-Abasi K. Udoka

Anh M. Vu

Tesfamichael S. Worku

November Events

  • 11/10-11/11: Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 11/1-11/30: Counseling Dept. and the National Junior Honor Society present RE-UP! Getting students RE-Motivated, RE-Organized & RE-Inspired for 2nd Marking Period!
  • 11/10-11/21: The Counseling Dept. & SGA Present Think I Can, I KNOW I Can! Thanksgiving Food Drive. We invite students, staff and families to donate non-perishable food items to support families in need during the Thanksgiving holiday

RE-UP! RE-Motivated, RE-Organized & RE-Inspired for the 2nd Marking Period!

As we continue moving forward in the school year we want to make sure all BCMS students remain motivated and inspired to be academically successful! The counseling department and National junior Honor Society were present at all 3 grade level lunches on Wednesday November 12th & 19th with members of NJHS distributing school supplies and handouts with tips on how to stay organized and motivated this school year! Time to Re-UP for the 2nd marking period!

6th grade students also had an opportunity to sign up for a mentor-ship program that will be available to 6th graders who would like an 8th grade student who is a member of NJHS. Stay tuned for more details!

GREAT JOB NJHS!!!! You did a wonderful job helping your peers get re-energized and re-organized for the 2nd marking period!

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I Think I Can, I KNOW I CAN Thanksgiving Food Drive

With the holiday season approaching, the Counseling Department and the Student Government Association have teamed up to raise canned goods and non-perishable items to support families in need. Donations will be accepted beginning November 10th-November 21st. Donation boxes will be located near each grade levels hallway, the counseling office and cafeteria. With every drop off, students can write down something they think they can do and something they KNOW they can do! We want to encourage students and staff to donate and recognize all the great things they CAN achieve this school year! All donations will go towards Manna Food Center, a non-profit organization striving to eliminate hunger in Montgomery County.

Click here for the Manna Healthy Food Wish List


Keep up with your student's grades via Edline!

Edline is the easy way for both you and your student to:

  • Check grades
  • Contact your student's teachers/counselor
  • Check assignments turned in and missing

We encourage all student's and parents to sign up for Edline! An activation code is required and can be retrieved by emailing the media specialist Ramona Justice Ramona_W_Justice@mcpsmd.org. Please include your full name, your student's full name and that you are requesting your activation code to setup your Edline account.

Once you are provided your activation code, follow the link below to set up your account!


Go for It! Setting goals for your student!

Learning to set goals at an early age shows to be beneficial for a person both academically and socially! It is a great way to gradually build students' capacity to tackle the increasing challenges they may face(edutopia.org). Have some fun with the attached worksheets to set positive goals for your student this school year.
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All year students will be encouraged to be ZERO HEROS AND SHEROS! The concept behind this campaign is to motivate students to turn in all of their assignments! We of course want students to complete and submit work in on time but also take the initiative to makeup any work they maybe missing. Below are a few suggestions on how to make up missing work:

-Talking to teachers about how and when they can make up work (during lunch lab or after school)

-Check Edline! Review progress in each class and encourage your student to makeup assignments with a letter Z in the grade column.

Encourage your student to join in on this year long campaign to promote academic excellence!!

Student's receive daily tips via the morning announcements!

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Does your student need academic support outside the classroom?? No problem!

  • Tutors offer support in both math and science; Saturday school focuses on reading, language arts and math
  • Paint Branch High School National Honor Society students volunteer as tutors and are available every Tuesday from 4pm-6pm at Paisner Library 14910 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866.
  • SATURDAY SCHOOL! The George B. Thomas, Sr. Learning Academy, Inc.
  • The school runs from Septmeber 20, 2014-May 15, 2015 every Saturday from 8:30am-11:00am for students grades 1-12.
  • There is open enrollment so you can register your student in person at the Paint Branch High School center on Saturday mornings OR via online www.saturdayschool.org
  • Registration fee is $30 for FARMS/ $50 for non-FARMS for the year
  • Visit the website for further information on the 12 Saturday School centers and registration
  • Contact Christina Putman, Center Director for Paint Branch HS location, Christina_D_Putman@mcpsmd.org

Your BCMS Counselors!

6th Grade: Mr. Petrasek/ Ms. Johnson

7th Grade: Ms. Beru

8th Grade: Mrs. Harris

Counseling Secretary: Mrs. West

Counseling Office Direct Line: 301.989.6010