spanish society in 19th century

Economic and transformations

Economy and indrustrialisation

the industrual revolution vas late and slow arrive in places Basque country Catalonia and large cities.


Bourgoise became rich also became the dominant social class.the industrial revolution brought serious socials problems working conditions chil explotation in factories.In rural areas peasants l the reason for thr lived in extrem poverty.were the reason forthr politicals demands.

ART and culture

Romanticism. At the beinning of the century revolutionary atmosphere and faroway. Realism.- in the middle of the century realist writers and painters decided to show most disadvantaged aspects of industrial society .impressionism .At the end of the century impressionist by technological advances reflected on their work .generation of 98. group of writers and intelectuals who criticised Spanish society and called for the moderisation of the country . scientifc advances .Several researches achived scientific advances for exapels RAMON y cajal received the first nobel prize for Sience