Creation of the Holy Roman Empire

Felicity Ahrens


  1. The Frankish King Clovis defeated the Roman Empire to give his people a country of their own. Takes power by brutal force. Clovis starts out in good terms with the empire. Clovis builds military strength under the Romans

Pepin The Short

  1. Charles Martel was succeeded as Mayor of the Palace by his son Pepin. In 752 A.D., the Pope anointed Pepin the Short as king. The Pope had sought assistance from the Byzantine Empire, but they refused to send aid. Pepin the Short was succeeded as king by his son Charlemagne.


  1. He is the best ruler of the Carolingian Empire and the Franks. He explained to the Frankish Empire to a very large portion of Europe. He brought many reforms to the Franks. Some reform are strong government, written laws, education, a monetary standard, and support for the arts.