MAD 4 Kindergarten

Making a Difference for Webb City Kindergarten Students

January 2016

ELA Updates


ELA Core Team completed new sight word books for units 24-30, 1, 5, and 10. All of the completed sight word books have been added to the ELA website. The remainder of the books are partially complete and will be uploaded to the website before the beginning of next year.


We aligned sight words and spelling words in the pacing guide. Please note the following changes in your pacing guide:

  • add "is" to week 31
  • remove "not" and "got" from week 31
  • add "not" and "got" to week 33
  • change "red" to "fed" on week 32
  • change "tub" and "cub" in week 33 to "map" and "nap"
  • Please note that stop, run, down, and could are sight words in pacing guide but are not on the assessment. Continue to teach them as indicated on the pacing guide.

We also made a few changes to the ELA website and added a collaborative folder. The folder is accessible to all kindergarten teachers. As you find great resources please add them to the collaborative folder.

Keep checking the website. As we find new ways to make teaching ELA easier, we will be adding to the website.

Math Core Team

During our last core team, we talked about Standards of Mathematical Practice. These standards can be found on page EM7 in the back of our Teacher's Edition Volume 2. You can also check out A Guide to the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards.

We also discussed good evidence and the importance of using manipulatives during lessons.

The remainder of the day was spent with dialogue about report cards, kindergarten placemat, objectives, assessments and evidence. Our next meeting will be February 8th. We will focus on improvements to our current report card and developing evidence to make the assessment process easier.

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Upcoming Core Team Dates

ELA - March 30th

Math - February 8th

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