Allyson Felix

U.S.A Track and Field


Allyson Felix is a sprinter for the U.S. Olympic team and has demonstrated her dominance in her field over the past 3 Olympic Games. She runs in relays and individual sprints and has gotten close to attaining many records set by her precedents on the track. She is 30 years old and will most likely be running in the next Olympic Games this coming summer.


Felix demonstrates her practical intelligence much more than her IQ because she is an athlete so she has to make fast-twitch adjustments to give her an edge on her opponents in her relay and sprint races. This canbe seen in almost all of her races when she makes an adjustment such as speeding up or changing her stride. A more specific example is the women's 4x400 relay when she is a key leg in the tight race, and gives her team incredible odds against opponents.


My outlier competes against the top runners from around the world. Since track is a timed competition, she runs against some of the fastest runners the world has ever seen, and yet she still amazes to maintain her name as one of the greats with ease. In the 2012 London Olympic Games, her and her team (Tianna Madison, Bianca Knight, and Carmelita Jeter) competed against top notch teams such as Jamaica and Ukraine, and still shattered the record for women's relay. They did this as a team by using their practical intelligence to make adjustments with speed, pace and stride to win against thes incredible teams. The exceptional relay team achieves success because of their teamwork and their trust of their teammates. The first three legs get ahead in the race and then pass it off to the final leg, usually the fastest, to seal the win for the team.


Allyson Felix wouldn't impress the Transcendentalists and she wouldn't upset them. Even though she has the hard working grit of such a person, she lives a very luxurious lifestyle and doesn't hold true to the core beliefs of Transcendentalism. Therefore they balance out and don't really help or hurt her cause with them.

Chapters 3 & 4

Malcolm Gladwell claims in his book, Outliers, that people can be smart in many different ways, including practical and overall intelligence. Gladwell explains his purpose of chapters three and four by giving real world examples of how successful people have been built from the ground up with these two different IQ's. I agree with Gladwell to an extent, because these different types of knowledge can only get you so far, whereas overall intelligence can get you much further. My outlier demonstrates the claims he makes because she uses many different kinds of intelligence to compete at a high level.