Writing Lab

October 13 - October 21, 2022

Hello and thanks for subbing! Today is Day 5 of Rotation and you will find a flip chart by my door that has the classes you need to pick up. I have a clipboard on my desk that has the schedule. All materials will be found on the brown shelf on the right hand side of the dry erase board. The baskets are labeled with the grade levels. On the counter you will see 5 black crates also labeled with the grade levels. You will need to get the projects out for Day 5 classes for 1st grade- 4th grade. For 2nd Grade -4th Grade, begin class by going over what an acrostic poem is and read the examples on this Smore. If any student finishes early today, there are some acrostic poems they can write on the cart in my room. They need to pick one and complete it. They may take the poems back with them to their class . Please use my conference time to sharpen pencils in their baskets and colored pencils also. Monitor Mrs. Ibarra's class during their lunch time which is 11:00-11:30.

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3rd Grade- Students will write and complete their Fall 5 Senses Project.

Get today's class papers from the 3rd Grade black crate. They will use their 5 senses to write about Fall. The papers they write on are located in the 3rd Grade basket on brown shelf. Remind them to use descriptive words. You will have to help them with spelling. I have them look for words in their dictionaries and if it is not there, I add it in the dictionary. Their dictionaries are located in the supply baskets on their tables. When they have finished writing about their 5 senses in the fall, staple their paper to their picture. They can add more "leaves" to their paper if time allows. The scrap paper is in a plastic bag. Please pick the projects up at the end of class and place back in 3rd basket.

2nd Grade- Students will write and complete their Haunted House Project.

This is a fun project. Find today's 2nd grade class's papers in the black 2nd Grade crate. They have already drawn their haunted house and today they will use their 5 senses to describe it. The 2nd grade supply basket has the 5 senses papers they will write on. They will also need to use their dictionaries to find how to spell words. When they complete their paper, they can glue it beside their haunted house. There is an anchor chart on the board they can use to help them with their 5 senses for the haunted house. Please place completed papers in the 2nd Grade basket.

1st Grade- After "Get Your Wiggles Out", students will write and complete their Fall 5 Senses Book.

First of all, scroll down and let the kids GET THEIR WIGGLES OUT with the fun Halloween video. Next, get today's 1st Grade class's books from the 1st Grade crate. (they are yellow). The students will use their 5 senses to describe fall. They will need to write a sentence for each sense and then color a picture to match it. Please place in the 1st Grade basket when completed. There are some Fall Vocabulary pages in plastic sleeves you can pass out to help them with spelling.

Kindergarten- After Get Your Wiggles Out Time, students will watch a video about 5 pumpkins and then color, cut, and glue 5 pumpkins to a gate.

First, scroll above and let the kids have fun watching the Halloween GET YOUR WIGGLES OUT video. Next, scroll down and let them watch the video 5 Little Pumpkins. Then, in the kindergarten basket, there is a "gate" page and a pumpkin page. The students will color the gate and pumpkin and then cut the pumpkins out and glue onto their gates. PLEASE make sure they write their name on their paper and let them take these back to class.
5 Little Pumpkins

4th Grade- Students will complete their monster project and write similes to describe them.

Find today's class's monster projects in the 4th Grade crate. They will be using similes to describe their monster with the 5 senses. Example: My monster is as round as the sun and blue like the ocean. After they finish their brainstorming page, they will write their story on the monster final copy paper. Help them come up with a beginning such as" Help! My monster has escaped. Please help me find him. He looks ....." Staple all their papers to their black construction paper beside their monster. Set the papers back in the 4th Grade basket.