September 7-11, 2015

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  • Sept. 7 Labor Day - No School
  • Sept. 8-14 Book Fair
  • Sept. 8 Breakfast with Grands (K-2nd) 7:00-8:00 am
  • Sept. 8 International Reading Day
  • Sept. 9 GoalPOST Begins
  • Sept. 10 Breakfast with Grands (3rd-5th) 7:00-8:00 am
  • Fri. Sept. 11 TEAM 1 FRIDAY DUTY (since we were out on Monday)


  • Sept. 14 Breakfast in Classroom Begins
  • Sept.14 Good News Club Begins
  • Sept. 15 Grade Level Meetings during planning
  • Sept. 16 Girl Scout Rep. here at Spearman
  • Sept. 17 Girl Scout Parent Night 6:30pm in cafeteria
  • Sept. 23 Boy Scout Rep.@ Spearman
  • Sept. 24 Boy Scout Parent Meeting @ 6:00 pm in Cafeteria
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  • Monitor and supervise all students closely
  • Sitting on the gazebo is fine, but please periodically and randomly walk around the playground during recess.
  • Discuss and enforce appropriate playground behavior with your students.
  • Keep all of the students in view.

Common problem behavior and trouble spots:

  • Do not let the students go past the swings toward the bus offices
  • Do not allow students to go past the walking track near the pine trees near the fence by the road.
  • Watch the boys playing too rough. They are not allowed to play tackle football.
  • Make sure the students are using the playground equipment appropriately. Injuries will happen, but just make sure it is not due to inappropriate behavior.

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