Non-traditional Careers

Jillian Cifolelli

Myth #2

Myth #2 is men are not nurturing enough to work with small children. This opinion is from days when women stayed home to raise children and men went to work. As this has changed over the past generations, men are found more and more often to be stay at home dads or work in traditional female roles. Nurturing is a matter of personality, not gender.

Myth #4

Myth #4 is men who work in nontraditional careers are not masculine, and women who work in nontraditional careers are not feminine. Neither of these are true. In the past, men and women have been discouraged from nontraditional careers because it doesn't suit their gender. People should pursue careers based on interests, skills and satisfaction, and not based on society's opinion on the gender of the career.

Myth #7

Myth #7 is women on a job site make it difficult for men to focus. HR can provide training so that all employees are comfortable in work environments and will know what is appropriate and what is not. HR will also show employees what sexual harassment is. Since most men have been around women all their life, they are capable of making the necessary adjustments.