Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

September 12, 2014

Week 3

We are off and rolling through the beginning of our year. The kiddos are doing a great job turning in their spelling journals and CUPS practice work! Thanks for your help with keeping them organized and sending them daily with their supplies.

Up Coming Events at Dodd

UIL Tryouts: Will be after school on the following days.

Picture Memory -4th grade- Sept. 16th

Creative Writing - 2nd grade - Sept. 16th

Dictionary Skills - 4th grade - Sept. 16th

Maps, Graphs, and Charts - 4th grade - Sept. 16th

Music Memory - 3rd and 4th grade - Sept. 16th

Number Sense - 4th grade Sept. 18th

Oral Reading - 3rd and 4th grade Sept. 17th

Ready Writing - 3rd and 4th grade - Sept. 17th

Spelling - 3rd and 4th Sept. 15th

Mental Math - 3rd Sept. 18th

Reading Day Parade -

Friday, September 26th 8:00am - Students dress up as their favorite book character that they have read, bring their book, and join in a character parade at school. Parents are welcome to come and see the great stories and costume characters on parade!

Dino Beat:

Friday, October 10th - Recognition's for 2nd-4th

Friday, October 31st - 9 week Recognition's (Honor Rolls, Perfect Attendance, Accelerated Reader)


This week we read a realistic fiction story called A Castle on Viola Street. Our focus was on using context clues to determine unknown words in a story. We also determined theme based on details in the story. Sometimes the theme is stated, but most often it is not. Students worked with words to create sentences using the following words: appliances, owner, construction, equipment, leaky, and project. They also began DRIVE time interventions and extensions in small groups.

Social Studies

We have begun our discussion on unit 9 government. Students shared what they know about government and made a list of questions about things they want to know about government. They did an excellent job following directions to create their government foldable to work with this week while adding notes about leaders and what services the government provides. Next week we will finish up with the parts of government, and how government is financed. Look in your child's yellow folder for their vocabulary page. They will need help with the words and concepts for the vocabulary test next week.

Spelling and C.U.P.S.

Students are off to a great start completing spelling journals! I have added a spelling page to Shutterfly under the "more" tab in case your child does not make it home with their list. They do, however, need to know if they are on or above level each week. While spelling tests are taken each week, the grade is averaged into one grade every 3 weeks. You will get the graded tests before you see a grade in the grade book.

Don't forget to check over your child's C.U.P.S. practice page on Thursday night. They will need to complete it each Thursday night and return on Friday mornings. See the attached grammar website for extra fun to practice editing skills!


Students will be able to access their reading textbook called Texas Treasures (also known as Connect Ed)at home or while in school. I will add their user name and password stickers into their planner and keep a notecard in class for them to use. They will be able to read their story and complete assignments, such as, watching a video, or reviewing vocabulary words. The more they can read a story, the more they begin to make connections and better comprehend the main idea. See the link below and you can also find it on our "Shuttefly" page under language arts and web links. Let me know if you have trouble with this or need guidance to get started.