Las Positas Updates

11/12/21 Volume 1 (15)

Happy Friday, Las Positas Lions~

Happy Friday~

We just finished 13 weeks of school! Great work~

This month, we continue to emphasize the IB Learner Profile of "Caring" with our students.

Below is a book called "Enemy Pie" by Derek Munson and read by Camryn Manheim. Watch it with your child. It shows the social dynamics of children and how to build friendship and community. There are follow up questions that you can use to engage further with your child.

Enemy Pie read by Camryn Manheim

Here are some questions to help you discuss with your child:

Why does the main character dislike Jeremy Ross?

Can you make a connection to the main character or Jeremy Ross?

Why do you think the dad doesn’t tell his son what’s in the pie?

Why do you think the enemy pie smells so good?

Why does Jeremy feel confused when the main character asks him to play?

Why doesn’t the main character want Jeremy to eat the pie?

What do you think will happen to Jeremy when he eats the pie?

Was there anything nasty about the pie?

Why do you think the dad called it enemy pie?

This Week Was Filled with Learning, Caring, and Doing~

Label Everything~

There is a rack full of jackets and a bin with water bottles. On Fridays we will put out the Lost and Found Rack so that if your child has lost things, you can look thru them.

To not lose items, please label every student belongings (Student Name, teacher, room) brought to school.

Click on Flyer for Full Detail on Community Resources

Important Dates:

  • 11/15- PTA Association Meeting @ 7 on zoom
  • 11/15 to 12/3- PTA See's Candies Fundraiser
  • 11/22 ~ 11/26 - No School (Thanksgiving)
  • 11/29- Active Threat/Fire Drill
  • 12/20 - 12/31 - No School (Winter Break)
  • 1/3- No School (Staff Professional Development)
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