Unmasking Greatness in Reading

Dr. Gillespie's Got the Scoop on Reading at Macon!

September 3, 2015

Issue #1

We Got This!!!!

Welcome to 2015-2016 school year!!! This year we are going to strategically partner with students to obtain greatness in reading. We will plan and teach instruction purposefully like never before and see our students grow beyond our wildest dreams because we have what it takes to develop and unmask greatness in reading.

Small Steps to Developing High-Quality Instruction

"The Valley to the Mountain Top"

The first weeks of any school year are grueling, but the truth is if you are passionate (and you are) about reading, your "will" outweighs your discomfort/discourse; and it gets you through the beginning stages of preparing for reading success. I watched you get your rooms ready, attend professional development, and complete instructional planning for 3 content-areas.

Was it a struggle? Yes! Did I see your efforts? Absolutely!

However, once we learned that we could bundle SEs , carefully examine all the curriculum documents available,research what the SEs truly mean (TEK Strips), and plan together (vertical alignment) by clearly understanding TEK progression, a job that seemed almost impossible soon became doable. Can you believe it? You did it! You planned your SEs (TEK Strips), developed your instructional calendars, and wrote concise lesson plans. We were in the valley together, but now we are headed to the mountain top where we will find the keys to "unmasking greatness in reading."

Educational Consultant

My current job in the public sector is an Academic Reading Coordinator (CWIC), in which I provide teachers with professional development, a collaborative partnership, and classroom support they need to lead their students to success. Reading has always been my passion--even as a little girl, which makes it so easy for me to do what I love best. I am so proud of what my reading department has accomplished this year. Together, we earned 4 distinctions.

In addition, I am also an educational consultant of 9 years, motivational speaker, adjunct professor, curriculum writer, and editor. Currently, the bulk of my consultant work is done with the McNeil Foundation, a principal certification program located in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.