The Hot Zone

Alyssa Nilles-Pacleb, Questions 6-10

Question 6: Why aren’t all viruses as deadly as Marburg and Ebola?

Not all viruses are as deadly as Marburg and Ebola because Marburg and Ebola are extremely infectuous. They are also misdiagnosed because the symptoms are similar to common diseases.

Question 7: How is Marburg similar to Rabies?

They are both blood and body fluid borne diseases.

Question 8: Why do viruses typically affect only one or a few species?

Viruses and certain species tend to evolve together because the host grows to become better adapted to protect itself from the virus while the virus evolves to better survive within the host.

Question 9: What is it about the life cycle of viruses that allow them to evolve rapidly and “jump” to a different host species?

Viruses evolve rapidly because they have the ability to replicate because they only have one DNA or one RNA strand.

Question 10: What is are the three standard ways to “stop.” a virus? (page 226)

  1. Vaccines, drugs, and biocontainment are the three standard ways to stop a virus.