Metals, non Metals, and Metalloids

By) Mackenzie and Geoffrey

Metals, Non metals, and Metalloids

Each one of these has chemical properties and physical properties. These three each have electrons and have a certain apperance. You can compare them by their luster, if their malleable, if they gain lose or share electrons, if they can conduct heat, solid, liquid or gas, if they are ductile, etc.


Physical properties- the physical properties are if its ductile, malleable, their luster, good or bad conductors of heat.

Chemical properties-gain, lose or share electrons,

Pictures of them and their physical and chemical properties

Periodic table

Metals, non metals, and metalliods are all components of the periodic table. Metals cover up the whole left side and most of the middle. It covers 75% of it. Non metals cover about 20% of the periodic table. The other 5% is the metalliods.

Photo of the periodic table

75% = metals

15-20% = non metals

5-10% = metalliods