Wonderful Seals

By Cassie


Seals are cute animals they are in the middle of the food chain.

Seals can go from 3.5 to 16 ft long

Male seals weigh as much as 375 pounds,

And females weigh as much as 331 pounds.

Did you know that some seals can hold there breath for more than 2 hours

Abiotic factors

Abiotic factors are items that are not living that seals need to live .

For an example water,air,sun and rocks are some things that seals need to live

Biotic factors

Biotic factors are things that are living and they need to live.

For an example fish,penguins,squid, and krill are living things that seals need to live.

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Seal food chain

It starts with the sun which is the energy for the kelp .Which is the producer for the fish to eat and the fish is a herbivore and seals eat fish and seals are carnivores level 2 .The shark eats the seal and the shark is a carnivore level 3 and when sharks dies the bacteria decomposes the shark and the whole chains starts over.
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Seal food web

A food web is a chart that organizes what animals eat what in a ecosystem

In this food chain Crabs,jellyfish,clams, and fish eat kelp.humans eat crab.seals eat fish ,and polar bears ,whales ,and sharks eat seals . In this food web.

Hunting impacts

Many people hunt aniamals and that changes the whole food chain let's say if you went to go hunt a seal you are messing up the whole food chain because a seal is in the middle of the food chain so you are basically stealing sharks ,polar bear,and killer whales food

Should you Hunt ?

Well that is your choice but I do not think you should here is why,one if so many people hunt another animal does not have food so the animal can starve them to death.

Also it kinda depends on the animal.

For an example say there is 1,000 deers having to many of an animal can over populate the area and that can cause rabies.

But after that I think you should not hunt animals for no reason

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This is a picture to show how big a seal can get

Fun facts about seals

-There whiskers help them find food

-Seals can make lots of noises such as wails,barks,and groans.

-A baby seal is called a pup

There ecoseytem

Seals live in cold ecoseytem .

In Antartica , South America , Afica , Asia ,and Nourth and South America.

In there ecoseytem a lot of people hunt seals and the seal

population is starting to get lower.

Most seals live in bay areas .

Seals love to lay on rocks I already told you but seals go up to land to rest .

Seals live in rocky areas .

Seals are very active

Seals are very active animals

They can dance do tricks and even balance basket balls on there head