Wisdom with Water By Sophie Trainer

Stop! Do you know that you’re wasting water? We need water and we are running out! Water comes from underground, taps, showers, rain; I could go on for years!

Mistakes with Water

We are doing very silly and selfish things! We don’t know how much we have of water. Water is getting wasted so easily by pouring it down the drain NOT in our backyard or plants! We’re being selfish and not thinking before we do so if we keep this up we will all die! We need to think before we do so that this doesn’t happen. Do you want to make the world end and never have a hygienic life with no water?

Without Water!

You might be shrieking with fear if I tell you this but… without water you wouldn’t be here with this astonishing world nothing be alive NOTHING! Soon everything will be here. Nothing! No bed, family, friends and most of all no world! If that doesn’t convince then listen to this nonfiction story… You were all dirty and you came home for a relaxing shower and shout out to your parent I’m home when suddenly there is no response from your parents! You think they have gone out so, you go to have a shower and turn the hot water on when nothing comes out! You think of calling out for mum or dad but you remember no one is home! You don’t want that to happen to you do you?

Don’t Waste Water!

Be Careful! Don’t waste water! We need to think like environmental friendly warriors and stop this horrible thing happen! You need to help your family and tell them to, STOP! You need to be Strong, Smart, Super people to help us! LET’S WASTE WATER NO! Change this. Think before you do this terrify deed. Don’t just tell people you know, tell someone at work, school or a neighbor just tell anyone. Do you want to do a good deed and help the world?

3 True Facts!

Did you know if we fill the Perth football stadium all the way to the goal posts it would last about 3 days or less also did you know that the water that we have was nearly 97 of all the waters is salty or undrinkable? Did you also know Water regulates the world’s temperature? Are they amazing facts or what?

In Strong Conclusion

In Conclusion you should be convinced by this Fully True poster. I hope you help us in the future and don't let this horrible story happen to any of us. Remember be a Environmental Friendly Warrior in every way you can!
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