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Artifact Walk and Party Day

WOW!!! We had one busy and exciting day! Hopefully, your kiddos will sleep well tonight! The kids loved going on the artifact walk and choosing which artifact was their favorite. Each room had some really great artifacts and you could tell they put a lot of thought, time, and effort into their projects. Our class artifacts were pretty amazing, I must say! Thank you for helping your child create their artifacts. I really enjoyed listening to them during the artifact walk point out the things they had learned throughout this whole unit. This is one of my favorite units to teach and see the growth they have made since the first day at school.

I will worn you, I have a lot of picture so there may be a bit of picture overload but I also wanted to take you on the walk with us. I am also including pictures of our party so you can see the fun they had today. Thank you to our volunteers that were able to come out and help with the party and to Mrs. Gideon for planning the event. The kids loved every part of their party!

Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful holiday!

Mrs. Hamp

Artifact Walk

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Winter Party