Book Review

By Leah J

Girlfriend Material

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By Melissa Kantor

Copyright 2009

Genre Romance


Kate is a 16 year old who just wants to spend her summer with her best friend playing tennis with her dad, but that all goes down hill when her mom makes her go to her old friend's beach house at Cape Cod. Sarah her mom's friend's daughter is there and she hates Kate. That's when Kate realizes her summer is going to suck. Then Adam pops in and charms Kate to death. Adam and Kate have a cute little summer romance, then Kate finds out a little secret about Adam. To add to that her parents are fighting, and she has to teach tennis to this depressed teen age girl. How can her summer get any worse?

My Favorite Character

My favorite character would have to be Adam. He sounds so charming and nice. To add to that, i think he is really cute, at least that's what my imagination says. He is smart and athletic, that's like the best combination and he is really witty. I love how he is cute at first and also charming, then he became kind of hated because he didn't tell Kate about Molly, but then him going all the way just to break up with her for Kate made him even cuter like why cant there be guys like him in real life?


I would recommend this book to girls 8th grade and up. Never would i have thought that i would read this book in a million years last year. I would say i'm more of a Romantic. I say 8th grade and up because i don't think 7th or 6th or even 5th graders would like this. You know 5th and 6th graders are still in the "ewww boys" stage. Then 7th your finally getting the memo that "Hey boys are pretty cute". But 8th grade, wow how am i going to say this.... well.... WE ARE ALL BOY CRAZY.

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