2F News

April 3, 2016

Student Led Conferences

Our class will be taking a different approach to conferences this month. Students will come to school with their parents at the scheduled time and the students will lead their parents through a series of stations, including 1 with the teacher. More information to follow, but for now, save the date: April 28.


Students have completed writing their non-fiction Expert Books. Our next writing unit is Opinion writing. In this unit, students will:

  • choose a topic appropriate for the task

  • elaborate opinions by supporting ideas and opinions with evidence and details

  • use key linking words to connect opinion and supporting reasons

  • revise for clarity and audience purpose

  • edit for grade-level appropriate conventions


Students are beginning to read different forms of poetry, exploring the meaning in a poem, the rhythm, pattern and rhyming words.


Students conducted several experiments to explore and demonstrate how water molecules stick together, and are even drawn to each other, to form clouds.

We have observed about stratus, cirrus and cumulus clouds, learned how to read a thermometer and how to describe the current weather conditions.