Getting to Know me

By: Jacob Cacheria

The Most Imporant thing:

My family is he most important thing to me because no matter what happens, my family will always be there for eachother.

In my Spare Time...

I watch a lot of Netflix... If it's popular I've probably watched it.

Favorite Quote:

"Innocent until proven guilty" - The Universal Decloration of Human Rights (Article 11)

Favorite place to go:

Red River New Mexico because my family has a cabin up there in the mountains.

Interesting fact about me:

I have an 8 year old yellow lab named Bella.

What would I change about the world if I could?

I would end poverty because millions upon millions of people don't have what they need every Aussie they can't afford it. It could be food, water, or clothing.

Who do I admire?

I admire my parents because they have always taken care of me and loved me through out my entire life. I try to model myself after them because I want to follow in their footsteps.