Shy'Neshia Wynn Strengths&Weakness!


Strengths !

Your Top 5 Strengths Are:

  1. Faith (63%):
    • Make efforts to discover your true passion and tie it to your work, no matter what you do.
    • Align, but don't compromise, your values to that of your organization.
    • You respect others for learning about your family and community - give them the opportunity.
    • You give more value to greater levels of service than more money - let others know this.
    • People may not share your beliefs, but you feel they need to understand & respect - let them.
  2. Salesmanship (56%):
    • Make it a point to meet new people every day - strangers energize you.
    • Be the initial point of contact for groups, organizations, and teams.
    • Continually work on your system for remembering names and faces.
    • You prefer to meet, win over, and move on - stick to broad relationships in work. Quantity not quality.
    • Be careful that your salesmanship doesn't cloud the vision of others - too much influence can be dangerous.
    • Consistently be a builder of goodwill for your groups, community, or organization.
  3. Self Motivation (56%):
    • You don't need your hand-held; help others understand you need space to make meaningful decisions.
    • Seek to take on a role where persistence is essential to success.
    • Continually take on roles that demand an aura of certainty and stability.
    • You have a strong self-concept that you are an agent of action - nurture it.
    • You are most effective when you feel you are in control of your world - be aware and help others understand this.
    • You need clear feedback to develop your instincts - review your failures and successes for lessons learned.
  4. Integrity (56%):
    • You identify with your ability to keep your commitments - stick to your programs!
    • Stay off teams that have slackers on board as they will sap your energy.
    • Do not be forced to rush and sacrifice quality - you value quality first. Help others understand.
    • You are a self-starter and require little supervision - be sure your supervisors know this.
    • You excel in positions that require unimpeachable ethics - seek them out.
    • Continue to ask yourself what new responsibilities you want to assume.
    • Protect yourself from taking on too much - build up self-discipline and the ability to say 'no'!
    • Be careful about moving to management - you may prefer to do it yourself and be overwhelmed.
  5. Risk Taking (56%):
    • Learn to recognize, act on, and leverage risks based on your own abilities.
    • Look at risks that are uncomfortable and find ways to overcome them.
    • Stay alert to all opportunities but focus on those currently available to you.
    • Try something new each day without worrying about the journey or outcomes.
    • Learn to overcome the instinctive responses to fear.