Tech Honor Roll!

Teachers on a Roll with Technology

December, 2016

Incredible at Kelly

Great job Kaytlyn Ferrando! Kaytlyn challenged her students to not only design the newest, coolest toy for the holiday season but also to create an advertisement featuring this toy in a Glogster. A "Glog" is an interactive, online poster that can include text, images, graphics, audio and videos. There are tons of ways all of our students can use this wonderful online tool.

Winning at Wells

We are delighted to have Meredith Kamis at Wells Road! She created a Symbaloo to make research easier for her third graders and shared the Symbaloo and how to use it with her peer teachers. Everyone benefits when teachers learn new ways to engage their students in learning.

Magnificent Middle School

Three cheers for Kathy Waddington who is using Flocabulary with her students in Social Studies. Students use Flocabulary to watch and create educational hip-hop songs about various topics of study. The database of existing videos are highly engaging and interactive. Students can analyze vocabulary, respond to content, and get inspired by visiting the lyric lab and creating their own lyrics.

High School Hero

Hats off to Linda Touchette who is pioneering the process of digitally cataloging textbooks for the first time in the district. The English Department has purchased scanners and barcode labels and will be able to check books in and out to the students through Destiny Resource Manager. We hope this use of technology will result in fewer lost books and lower the replacement textbook budget in the future, while also saving time in class!