RECA Fall Dinner & Training

Tuesday, October 23rd

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Mark Your Calendar for our RECA Fall Dinner & Training!

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, 6-8pm

5403 Monument Avenue

Richmond, VA

Join us Tuesday, 10/23 for our RECA Fall Dinner & Training! Registration opens at 5:30 PM and dinner starts at 6:00 PM. After dinner, we will split into the 4 different sessions!

Session 1: Quality Interactions with Infants and Toddlers

In “Quality Interactions with Infants and Toddlers” participants will understand the factors that influence responsive caregiving and how this impacts the quality of interactions with infants and toddlers. Participants will learn strategies to promote positive behavior as well as strategies to support infant and toddler child development.

Presenter(s): Kellie Alarcon & Terry Tusing, VA Infant & Toddler Specialist Network

Session 2: Loose Parts

Children of all ages can spend hours playing with simple materials like sand, water, boxes, shells, or rocks. These objects ignite their imaginations and stimulate their creativity. Loose parts possess infinite possibilities for the child, with multiple outcomes. A loose parts rich environment provides children with numerous opportunities to discover new ways of thinking and new ways of processing knowledge learned by investigating, manipulating, exploring and playing with the materials.

Presenter: Wendy Dixon

Session 3: Building Blocks of Positive Child Behavior

In “Building Blocks of Positive Child Behavior” we will explore how the characteristics of preschoolers, the arrangement of the environment, and the expectations of early childhood programs influence children’s behavior. We will also evaluate a variety of strategies and problem solve several challenging scenarios.

Presenter: Regina Coates

Session 4: Loving and Listening to Parents of Preschoolers

In “Loving and Listening to Parents of Preschoolers”, Susan will be talking about how to build relationships with parents as we ALL work together to meet the individual needs of each child.

Presenter: Susan Hill

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Registration closes on Friday, 10/19!

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If you have any special dietary restrictions, special accommodations, or general questions feel free to email Alex Strabley ( or call (804) 282-7459!