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Everyone is saying "No"!

You've started reaching out to the people on your list and you're so excited to share all about Young Living with them. The new message alert goes off on your phone and you get that devastating, "NO". Or, maybe you don't hear anything back from them at all! Do you feel awful, or hurt?


Take the dread out of hearing "no"! The sooner you do this, the sooner your business will catapult. Why? Because you won't be afraid of that tiny little word and that fear will no longer hold you back in talking with people about essential oils!

When people tell you no, they aren't saying no to YOU, they are saying no to the product. But, the way I like to think about it is this...they are saying, no, not right now! Transition your thoughts to this and watch your business grow! When people say no, understand that they mean, no, not right now.

Think of it this way. When you go to breakfast, your waitress asks if you want a cup of coffee. When you tell her no, what does she do? She says, okay, thanks and walks away to her next customer and asks that customer if they would like a cup of coffee!

Now here's the kicker...what do you do with these people who say NO, but mean, no, not right now?

Let's go back to the waitress with the coffee. You and I both know that in about 10 minutes, she's going to walk back up to our table and ask AGAIN if we'd like a cup of coffee! Why? Because people Change Their Minds!

The waitress understands two things. 1. The word "no" has no impact on her as a person, it's simply referring to the product that she is offering in that moment. And, 2. The word "no" does NOT mean no forever, it means not now.

So, for anyone who says "no", keep them on your list and make a note to follow up with them at a future point in time. People change their minds, circumstances change, life changes. All of this will impact when the timing is right for a person to change their "no" to a beautiful "YES"!

I'm tired of hearing "NO"

Did you notice on that tracker, that your effort to reach out to 40 people resulted in only 2 new members?? While this may seem low, on average, it takes hearing 10 "No's" before we get that "Yes". So, while the math on the tracker may be a little conservative, realize, that you want to hear the No's to get you closer to that Yes! So, celebrate them, get excited when people tell you No! It means you're that much closer to finding that Yes!

Go for no!