Hanging out with Jackie Chan

Kevin Vaughn

Brief Summary

Josh had gotten into recent trouble at his original home. He had to move away from his gawky parents in a attempt to move in with his uncle a karate master. From there he had met a girl that lived next door in a attempt to renew himself.

List of Characters

⌘ Josh - Main Character

⌘ Stella - Girl next door

⌘ Dave, Caleb - High school friends of Josh

⌘ Larry - Karate Uncle of Josh

⌘ Dad, Mom - Awkward parents of Josh

⌘ Britt - Stella's bad boyfriend

Character Analysis for Josh

Trait 1: Angry all the time

Evidence: Tired of must things in his life to the point where in his room he starts slamming his head against the wall multiple times before his Uncle stops him.

Trait 2: Emotional

Evidence: Halfway walking in the sidewalk while Stella was ahead, he sees her getting hit by Britt. Then Josh gets extremely pissed off.

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Even if youve made a terrible mistake in your life, you need to accept it and move on, otherwise you will be going into a even deeper pit of despair.

Important Event

Britt makes Stella cry and rams over her foot. The next time she goes to see him, Josh happens to be there and gets very mad when he sees him making Stella cry. Josh goes over and fights the sh*t out of him.
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I think people with a wide genre would like this book.