Poetry Project

Free Verse, Ballads, and Poems By: Esteban Gracia

I Wish

I wish I had a 4 hour day

I wish I had straight a's

I wish I had a good grade in biology

I wish I had school later at around 11

I wish I had the ability to make things free

I wish I had the ability to end world hunger

I wish I had slept earlier last night.

The ballad of Mom

She know me better than anyone in the world

She is the person I trust the most

She is the one who supports me in life

She works to keep us alive

She can't sleep if i'm not home

She makes me feel secure

She can be a bit overprotective at times

She is the coolest person I know

She's the first person that i go to for help

She will always be there for me

We have been through many ups and downs

and after all of that we are still here

The House Of Cards

Life is like a house of cards, 1 could destroy everyone. The kings and queens on top, and everyone else is under them.

You have to carefully place every card together to complete the house of cards. There are groups of cards with different colors, just like life.

1 person could take the whole house with the or just a few cards. But, What is broken can be reforged.