Jasper Johns

1930 - ?

Johns' Work

Jasper John’s most famous piece of artwork is entitled” Three Flags”. The original piece of artwork is located in the Whitney Museum of American Art. This museum is located in New York, New York Three Flags shows the American Flag. As an American I really do like this painting. It shows that the American Flag isn’t just one flag, it’s a sign of what American’s pledge. It is a true symbol of America and the American citizens. A question that I would ask Jasper is, what inspired you to draw the American Flag in an Abstract Expressionism movement? Since a child Jasper wanted to become an artist. He had a “dream” to become the only artist in South Carolina. So he went to accomplish that dream in New York. In New York, Johns met a number of other artists including the composer John Cage, the choreographer Merce Cunningham, and the painter Robert Rauschenberg. Those men were proud of Jasper and thought he could become a true artist. From that point on he knew that he could accomplish that dream. Jasper Johns had no formal training until his later years. He started painting after he came back from the war. But then in his later years he decided to receive training from professional artists to make his art better. Jasper Johns is truly a phenomenal artist and it was a great experience researching his legacy.