The Wolves Den

December 13, 2021

Upcoming Dates

December 13th- Winter Hat Day

December 14th- Pajama Day

December 15th- Red and Green Day

December 16th- Dress like your Favorite Winter Character Day

December 17th- Winter Sweater Day

December 21st- First day of winter

December 23rd-January 2nd- Winter Break

January 3rd- Welcome back to school

Mark your calendar for upcoming Band Concerts

  • Tuesday, February 1st - 7:00PM - 8th Grade Band & 8th Grade Jazz Band Concert
  • Tuesday, February 8th - 6:30PM - 7th Grade Band & Combined 7th/8th Jazz Bands Concert

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Safety Drill

During the school day on December 16th, Washington Middle School will be practicing a Lockdown drill. I repeat, “this is just a drill!” The “I Love U Guys” Foundation has Lockdown as a part of our safety plan. A Lockdown would occur if something really unsafe was happening inside the building. Hopefully we will never need to use this part of the plan, but it is important that students and staff practice and know the plan. Some students may feel anxious or stressed about the idea, but we are planning on making the drill low-key as possible. Teachers will explain the plan and expectations to everyone, and allow everyone an opportunity to express their ideas. The drill will also be considerate of Covid restrictions. We will continue to communicate with everyone that again, “this is only a drill.” If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Officer Laabs at 920-663-9793 or email at

District Attendance Policy

Every school year, the Manitowoc Public School District Systems of Attendance (SOA) Team evaluates student attendance on a weekly basis, identifying students who are struggling to engage in school consistently. Manitowoc Public School District will be partnering again with the City of Manitowoc to engage students in learning by supporting high levels of attendance. Each week, various student reports will be evaluated in order to determine which students may be in need of additional support. Our ultimate goal is to increase student engagement and academic achievement by improving attendance. Students who have numerous (5 or more) unexcused absences will enter our SOA process. Students earn an unexcused absence when guardian permission or reason for the absence is not provided to the office.

Here is a full memo on the district attendance policy and answers to common questions. If you have questions or are in need of support, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can call Lisa Delsman at 920.663.9638.

Please remember to call our attendance line at 920.663.9570 when your learner is going to miss school.

Community Opportunity

Lakeshore Cap is offering Cafe style course that families are invited to participate in. Here is a flyer with more information.

Lakeshore Community Health

Lakeshore Community Health is offering a Tdap vaccine clinic at Washington Middle School on December 21st. This clinic is for those that are behind on their Tdap Vaccine. This a required vaccine for all students at age 11. More information is linked here.

Consent form is linked here to be printed ahead of time if you are able to.

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SWIRL: Our School Goal

SWIRL is The Washington Middle School Goal this year. We wanted you all to know what we are focusing on this year and what you can expect to hear from your learners. SWIRL stands for Speaking, Writing, Interacting, Reading, and Listening.

News To Share

  • Lost Students: The purpose of school is learning. Learning happens in our classrooms Most students are already in the habit of being in class. Our students know that they must have the student planner signed by a teacher as their hall pass permission. For a few who are causing distraction by leaving without permission, we will be giving one warning, contacting families if the problem persists and issuing citations for loitering. To prevent students leaving class, our school resource officer, Mike Laabs will be patrolling hallways on an increased frequency. Thank you for helping us focus on learning by inviting students to stay in class during learning time.
  • Cell Phones- If students bring their cell phones to school, our policy is that cell phones need to be kept in student's locker for the duration of the day. If students do not follow this policy they will be asked to put their cell phone in their locker or the cell phone will be brought to the office. We are asking loved ones to remind students of this policy.

Team Updates