Causes of the Civil war

Adin Mehanovic


MO Compromise

Creates the state of Missouri and established that no state created in the future north of

36 30? could be a slave state.

This caused war because then no other states, 36 30 could be a slave state.

Bleeding Kansas

Violence erupts as people supporting both sides (free and slave) move into Kansas to vote if Kansas will be a free or slave state.

This leads to war because the Union wants Missouri to be a free state and the Confederacy wants Missouri to be a slave state.


Underground Railroad

A network of secret routes and safe houses used to help escaped slaves move to Northern free states.

This caused war because it was a way for slaves to leave the south and come to the North to become free.

Harriet Tubman

A former abused slave who escaped to Philadelphia in 1849 to earn her freedom.

This caused war because she helped slaves become free.


Industry VS Agriculture

North has more developed industry.

South has more cotton, rice, and tobacco

This led to the war because the south had slaves and the North did not.


North has bigger cities and are closer together.

South has more plantation and smaller cities but more slaves.

The North had a much bigger population. The biggest city in the south couldn't even compare to the biggest city in the North.