My Poems Of Art

By:Chase Davis

My Cinquain Poem


Brown ,Wild

Running ,Slipping ,Leaping

Loves to run in fields


My Personification Poem

I am a bird flying through the air,

I punch a branch with my wing.

Then I nap in my bed but,

then I hear my babies crying.

I soon start jumping with rage,

I am a bird.

My Acrostic Poem

Chooses pizza instead of tacos

Hopes that people are good

Always trying at something

Surprises some family members

Elevates the competition

Makes Me Think Of Poem

Dragons makes me think of animals

Animals makes me think of science

Science makes me think of plant life

Plant life makes me think of butterflies

Butterflies makes me think of bees

Bees makes me think of birds

Birds makes me think of dragons

My Color Poem

Blue is a quiet wave

Blue is a berry fragrance

Blue smells like flowers

Blue tastes like lollipops

Blue sounds like wind blowing

Blue looks like cotton candy

Blue feels like pillows

Blue makes me happy

Blue is the soft cloth

My Ode Poem

Ode to my dog

My dog can bark to tell me when someone is there,

He also plays with me outside in the day that's why I like him.

I love my dog because he misses me when I'm not at home,

so I need my dog he helps me have cheer.

When I'm at home I make sure he has no fear,

but I'm glad I have a dog.

I make sure that he doesn't run away,

The reason why I love my dog is because he shows love.

My Limerick Poem

There was a dog that hated cats

So one day he set a trap

The cat got chased by the dog

and then the cat noticed he was stuck in a log

After this the dog soon laughed but then he got slapped with a scratch.

My Blazon Peom

My feet are like a cheetah

My eyebrows are like a bush

My arms are like a tree branch

My soul is like the raging wind

My head is like a green watermelon

My hair is like a white flower

and my life is like all the years

I am the sun that rises in the morning

I am the leaves that fall down.

My Haiku Poem

A awesome bird flew,

The wind was different again.

There is tornadoes

My Rhyme Scheme

There is an old dog

He tries to eat like a hog

But every time he loses control

That's why he gets caught by the dog patrol

Now you know why he hides behind a log