Keeping Up With The Kennedy

November 17, 2019- Issue 10

Mrs. Huffstutler's Class

Students were learning how to use text and graphic features to help their comprehension. They did a shared writing to create a bulletin board, and were also engineers when they created hats using materials that would protect their heads from the hot sun.
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Mrs. Sylvia's Class

Students designed, built, and tested different bridges, Students were excited to see if the cars would successfully drive across their bridges.

Mrs. MacKay's Class

Students worked in small groups to be digraph detectives. Students needed to read the words, find all of the digraphs, and use the words in good detailed first grade sentences. Students also had their first lesson in writers workshop. Students got busy writing and illustrating their first book of a small moment

Mrs. Oshry's Class

During math centers this week students learned about place value through various fun games! The class loved rolling the large dice to make two digit numbers!

Job Opportunity

We are currently looking for a lunch/recess aide to fill a vacancy. If you are interested in working 2 hours a day, please contact the main office for more information.

Make Up Day

I know many people have been asking about when we are making up our day due to the power outage on October 17. The answer at this time is unknown because there are several factors to consider including making it through the winter. We will let families know as soon as a decision has been made.

Notes from the Nurse


If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a substitute school nurse in the Canton Public Schools, please contact the Nurse Leader- Elizabeth Nightingale,

Thank you!

See important information below on the cold and flu season.

Upcoming Events

November 18 Mallet Madness

November 19 Robotics

November 20 Early Release Day- Parent Conferences

November 21 Grade 5 Play Rehearsal


Parent Conferences

November 22 Grade 5 Play Rehearsal


"The STEAM Connection" is a one page document that contains fun information and questions that families can use as jumping off points for STEAM discussions and/or activities at home.
If you are worried about your housing or residency status, or if you are worried about their impact on your child's experience in school, do not worry alone. If you have questions about homelessness, please contact our Homeless Liaison, Stephanie Shapiro, at 781-821-5050 x2107.

Lost and Found

Please be sure to check out the Lost and Found located next to the elevator. All unclaimed items will be donated during the Thanksgiving Break.



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