All in favor may god be with you, all in not bad luck.

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You don't really get any rights,then whats given to you by the leader. You don't have the right to vote you don't have the right to believe inn other things. You have a lot of restrictions

Brief description of Theocracy

A system or government in which priest rule in the name of God or god. Sometimes ruled by moses( who sailed the Red Seas). A King or someone that has direct connections with god

The leader

There is many different types, It depends on which country your in. It can sometimes be a priest,Emperor,King,and Moses( who sailed the Red Seas) or someone who has direct connections with God

Places that have Theocracy

Vatican City


Differences between our own Government and Theocracy

For one we have the right to vote all the way. Thats part of the 15th amendment. Also in Theocracy you don't have any amendments. My form of government that I live in is a Democracy. You have more right more freedom and can believe in anything. In a Theocracy it's pretty much about God and church. In a Democracy we don't live our lives with god. Not saying god is a bad thing, but we don't revolve our lives around him. Everyone 18 and older can vote in a Democracy, not in a Theocracy. So Theocracy and Democracy are completely different things.


I think I would definetley choose Democracy over Theocracy. I want to believe in what I want to believe in. I don't want to go to church and only have rights granted by the person who has direct connections with god. I want to be free.


Ghyion Bahtu is the leader of Vatican City, and Hassan Rouhani is the leader of Iran.

What are the powers the leader has

The leader can make the laws control the laws he/she can pretty much do whatever they want.

How is she/he elected

Well the founder started it. Then he could make the rules to have them elected or whatever he wanted. There is more than just electing to become leader. You have to have direct connections with god