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March 14, 2015

Updates from the classroom

I hope everyone is savoring those last few moments of Spring Break. I am gearing up for a busy March with our play. I am thrilled to share that we will dive into poetry when we return from Spring Break. I am incorporating an e-poetry unit that I learned about at the TCEA conference I attended in February. Many of apps previously used will now become methods of publishing for students. You can see a preview of those publishing tools by looking at the picture. During this unit we will also cover basic parts of speech ( nouns, verbs, adjectives). During math we will work on build fact fluency with Reflex Math and talk about probability. We will incorporate discussions with our math vocabulary words of: impossible, likely and unlikely by looking at the March Madness.

Homework for the next three weeks will be play specific. Students will have play lines, math facts and a play related activity. Please keep up your routine with the play lines until the play is over. You can always incorporate music practice by googling the song titles. Mrs. Awbrey and I did adapt the play to our class, you might notice that the lyrics you hear are different. Just stick to the lyrics in the script we sent home and you will be fine!

Our play is inching closer. Please have your child bring a bag with shorts and a t-shirt to change into, to wear under their costume by Friday, March 20. The bag will need to be big enough to hold your child's uniform and their shoes. Also, be on the look out for video order forms. Mr. Eddie records all of our school plays. He will record our play and offer you the option to buy it. Finally, students will mail invitations out on Monday to family and friends.

Academic Objectives:

Reading: Poetry

Writing: Poetry

Math: Probability ( certain, likely, not likely and impossible)

Social Studies: Wrapping up Project Groundhog

Science: Layers of the Ocean

Spotlight Spring Break

Homework for the week of March 16

This week for homework students will need to practice their plays every night. In addition to play line practice they will need to complete three sessions of Reflex Math and write a poem about their play animal. They will need to carry the list poem through the writing process of prewriting- ( brainstorming), drafting, revising ( checking to make sure the poem makes sense and incorporates facts about their animal), editing ( using resources to spell such as your play script) and finally publishing. Please see the directions below about publishing. Please email Mrs. Hogan a final copy of your poem. Here is an example.
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Upcoming dates

March 16-27 Book Drive benefting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Friday, March 20: Family Game Day and Library

Friday, March 27: Happy Birthday Michael and Library

Tuesday, March 31: Happy Birthday Josephine and Spirit Dress Day

Thursday, April 2: Primer Play at 10:00 and 1:15- cast party following last performance