Plato: The Puppy Killer

By: Tyler Kappes

Problems and Challenges Plato Faced

Plato's dad died and his mom was never home which lead to him being lonely a lot. He ran away from home a lot and he didn't have any friends. I think from not having a really happy childhood effected him a lot. He ended up turning really violent when he was older. Examples would be killing puppies, shooting someone and shooting at a cop.

Did Plato Learn from his mistakes as the movie went on?

No I believe Plato never learned his lesson as the movie went on. He started off killing puppies and having to go to the police station. Then later on in the movie he went back and got his gun to protect himself or shoot the people that jumped him. He then shot someone and shot at a cop. This ultimately ended up leading to Plato's death because the cops were scared that he would keep shooting.
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Meaning of Plato's Mismatched socks

I think Plato's Mismatched socks represent how Jim, Judy and Plato were confused through out the movie looking for answers but couldn't gain any ground.


A theme from the movie would be the communication gap between teens and parents. Jim's parents try to help him through all his problems acting like they understand. The problem is his parents don't understand his life and just are making things worse.