Recreational Vehicles

By; Laura and La'Naje'

Sharing the road with recreational vehicles

Recreational motor homes can be 40 feet long. But it does not include a tow vehicle. Visibility is the major problem. This is because this vehicle can block the following driver. Like he/she's line of sight.

Sharing the road with towed vehicles

Vehicles can be seen towing a variety of trailers.Such as fifth wheel trailers , motorcycles , boats , & cargo trailers.You also need to watch for trailers that's swaying in high winds , particularly side winds , when approaching larger vehicles or passing.

sharing the road with over sized vehicles

Take extra precautions when you see over sized vehicles.
trucks,buses and RVs can pose special hazards,because they are significantly larger and heavier than other vehicles.while and truck drivers are experimented professional operators,other drivers may not recognize the importance of special considerations.
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