John Watson

Beginning of Behavorism

Watson and his fame

He did a controversal experiment called "little albert" he conditioned a little boy to fear a white rat by repeatingly pairing the rat with a loud frighting clanging noise. He was also able to demonstrate the fear with other white furry objects, such as a white mask.

With the help of skinner he changed psychology with behavorism which is well known today

Discovering behavorism

Helped to understand how people act and think because he had hypothesis and tested them. This helped us understand why people do or act the way they do. He also helped us understand that at different ages comes different learning abilities. This is important so we know when we learn best.

Affecting his time

Watson did most of his research in the early 1900's, this affected his research because he didnt have the equipment we have today and most people were new to behaviorism and didnt always support his claims.