Sugar Colonies

Sandra A. Yazmine J. Mim K. Amarielyss G.

Treatment of Natives and Slaves

Come to the Sugar Colonies, where everything here is flourishing and right! We have everything the other colonies don't have, and we love newcomers!

Slaves in the Sugar Colonies were treated more freely than North American colonies.

There were more economic opportunities for mulattoes like them being able to become political leaders, scholars, musicians, writers, and also slave catchers.


Yeah, we got everything here.

We got something the other colonies don't have and that's . . . sugar.

Sugar is used as medicine, spices, sweetener, sculptures, and it gives as a high status.

We traded with the Southern colonies of British, North America. We traded tobacco, cotton, rice and indigo.

Social Structure & Social Mobility

The mixed race is life.

The mixed race is accepted in our colonies and we love them to death. We had sharply defined sharply system (with Black Africans and Native Americans as a red, and the white as the Europeans, this means that we are an organized society.

Culture and Cultural Adaption

Mulattoes are the product of Portuguese and African union, and they were a mixed race.

They turned to Africans from the slave trade, because the decreased numbers of the Native Americans.


1609 was the British Gold Rush discovered diamonds.

In the North American colonies, there was less racial mixing because European women joined the colonial migration.