Workplace Relationships

Module 3

Communication Skills

  • Communicate clearly so people get the same information
  • Becareful with relationships with people from the workplace
  • Two types of communication: verbal and nonverbal
  • Think before you speak
  • Be polite: thank you notes or emails

Accountablility and Workplace Relationships

  • Encourage other employees
  • Learn to cope with your boss and their style of management
  • Think before you act; don't do something you'll regret
  • Clean up after yourself

Teamwork, Motivations and Leadership

  • Synergy: everyone working together
  • Meetings are an important part of getting messages to everyone
  • Don't take complete control on team presentations
  • Motivate others to improve the workplace
  • Leadership: Autocratic, Democratic or Laissez-faire Leaders

Conflict and Negotiation

  • Confict always occurs, you have to find a way to resolve it
  • Conflict Management Styles: forcing, avoiding, accommodating, compromising and collaborating
  • If you both can't agree, there could be a mediator to help
  • Harassment is anything unwanted: sexual, quid pro quo and hostile
  • Tell them to stop first if it continues then tell a manager
  • Places can have a special department for harassement problems
  • Don't do it back