Thomas Times

3rd Grade Leaders

Short & Busy Week Ahead!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful, long weekend! We have a lot of things happening in our very short week.

  • Monday-Labor Day-No School
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Busy Days at School!
  • Friday-AG Day Field Trip to the Jefferson County 4H Grounds

Reading & Math This Week


In reading this week, we will focus on poetry. Students will learn the similarities and differences in a story vs a poem. Students will recognize that writers use COLORFUL words to make reading more interesting for the readers. We will practice our own poem and story writing using COLORFUL words.

Because it is a short week, our weeks will flow together between this week and next. That means we will NOT have a spelling or vocabulary test this week. However, I would still like students writing their spelling words 5 times each, every night, as homework. They will also be expected to read 25 minutes Tuesday-Thursday nights.


In math, we will focus, primarily, on grouping for multiplication. Students will learn and review that 4 groups of 6 is really 4x6. There are many ways of understanding problems. It is my goal for the students, this week, to understand that not everyone's method will be the same.


  • Library Book exchange happens on Thursday!
  • All field trip consent forms MUST be turned in by Wednesday.
  • Spelling words 5x's each every night.
  • Read 25 minutes and complete reading log at home.