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See what's happening October 3rd to October 7th

Happy October Everyone!

This school year is going by fast! The first grading period is coming to an end. Did you know, you don't have to wait for Report Cards to see how your child is doing in class. Parent Access Center is a free program available to all CISD parent/guardians that allows viewing of helpful information regarding student attendance, report cards, progress reports, daily grades, state test results, Students Achieving Excellence (SAE), discipline and available lunch money. Parents may also sign up to receive an email alert when an assignment score is inputted or updated. All you need is a valid email address.

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From Nurse Kaufman

Spilled milk? Bathroom accident? Nosebleed?

During the school year, kids from all grade levels may need to visit the clinic for a change of clothes.

Parents are not always able to drop everything to bring clothes to school, so we loan clothing out whenever we can. We ask that the borrowed clothes are washed and returned to the clinic so we can continue to help your children through out the school year.

You may want to have your child keep a change of clothes in their back pack if they frequently need a change of clothes or are in grade levels Pre-Kindergarten through 1st grade.

In order for us to help other children, please return any borrowed clothing to the clinic.

We need your help! The clinic is welcoming clothing donations of pants, shorts or underwear. Please call before donating shirts since the clinic has an abundance of those. Gently used shoes are welcome as well!

Important Dates

Next Week:

October 6th- Math Title Night at 4:30

October 7th- Student Holiday

October 10th- Student Holiday

Coming Up:

October 13th- 4th Grade Fine Arts Field Trip

October 14th- PK Field Trip

Links to Grade Level News Sites

Car Rider Parents: In case you missed it...

We want to keep you and your family safe. It's our top priority! As a service to you, we will have a very small number of staff on duty starting at 7AM to supervise students who arrive before 7:25. Our hope is to reduce the car rider line and the backup onto Highway 105. The car rider crew will start unloading cars as usual at 7:25.

In order to do this...we need your help!

  • You will need to unload the students, or they will have to exit the car themselves.
  • Only release your student if you see a staff member waiting to receive them at the front door. We never want students unattended in front of a locked building!
  • Please be cautious and watch out for students, teachers, and staff as they walk to the building.
  • Waiting for school to start is boring. Encourage your child to have a book to read while they wait in the cafeteria.

Please note: The office will be closed until 7:25. If you have business in the building, you will need to wait until then. Parents will not be allowed into the building until 7:25.

Transportation Tips and Tricks

  • Get through the line faster when our staff can clearly see your sign. Use children's size pants hangers, or regular hangers with clothes pins, to display your sign on your rearview mirror. Slip it off after you have your child...and go!

    Also, if you would like to donate hangers, we will take them!

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Birthday Treats

**COVID-19 UPDATE: Store bought treats only!

When bringing birthday treats, please remember they must be left in the front office. The classroom teacher will distribute them at the end of class. If you have questions about what is allowed, please call the front office 936-709-8400.

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