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Southern Accents | Mon 11/17 - Sun 11/23

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You can do it!

I already posted this on our team page from Senior Director, Jennifer Storey, but love it so much, I had to post it again:

We're halfway through November and we're headed into one of our biggest trunk show weeks ever as a team. We'll be meeting our next hostesses and our next Stylists, we'll be helping women mark those holiday gifts off of their lists in the perfect setting - with friends and wine, we'll be reaching our goals, and we'll do it with tenacity, grace, & style!

Success is for each of you - it's yours for the taking! What does it take? I agree wholeheartedly with Sally Neff and couldn't have said it better myself... "Consistent daily action, a fire in your belly that pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone and a positive outlook I think are the 3 most important components of how to reach the success you want for yourself! It is not what your upline does, it isn't that the person you have been prospecting told you NO Thanks, the people who are ignoring you and not returning your message/ text/ vm etc.... All of those things happen in this biz... They are part of the journey that leads you to success!!

We are in the largest pay out month of the YEAR...DO NOT sell yourself short thinking, 'well I'm too busy' (we are all busy - that's an excuse you are telling yourself,) I am not good at this (yes you are, it truly depends on how much you want it,)... And I know this for sure, everyone who signs up has the dream - they want this - so today remember why you started and I DARE YOU to go out ... way out of your comfort zone and make this November one you will never forget! ‪#‎ibelieve‬

Ideas to help get you there:

Turkey Trot

Offer for a few friends to take jewels with them over Thanksgiving! They can wear and share, and once they get $300 in sales with four unique orders, they'll be on their way to earning FREE rewards! Post on social media and reach out personally to those who you know love our collection!

Call and then text

Personalize this customer follow up or prospective message and send!

Your order is on it's way (or hope you are LOVING your recent purchase). Quick thought...Lindsay's show was FANTASTIC and she earned over $XYZ amount in FREE product! Would LOVE to spoil you with a FREE shopping spree by inviting your girlfriends over for a quick Java & Jewels or Sip & Sparkle! Everyone is Holiday shopping...we just launched our new Signature Clover Alphabet Charm Collection which I didn't have at Lindsay's show, and it's the BEST time of year to gather your girlfriends together! I've got next Wednesday, Nov. 19th or Thursday, Nov. 20th available...what do you think? xo, Tysh

Email Blast

Offer a catered trunk show this holiday. Use this flyer template created by Star Stylist, Sarah Field. She's booked three shows already!

Holiday Words to Say

Follow this script to add on November and December shows!

Let's Strategize!

I've been having some great coaching calls with some of you, and creating action plans to get you where you want to be. If you are having trouble with time management, achieving your goals or just need someone to talk to, that's what I'm here for!

maximize your trunk shows

Let's be an Associate Director Team!

We can do it together!

To get there we need the following requirements:

$25,000 GQV - Only need $14,555 more!
(4) Qualified Legs
(1) Associate Stylist Leg - DONE!
(1) Star Stylist - Working hard!

Yes, we've already sold over $10k this month! So, I'm challenging you! If EVERY Stylist on our team aims to sell $1,000 more this month, we can hit our goal. The biggest selling season of the year truly begins in November, but don't wait for Black Friday to make it happen. We can ALL do this! $1,000 each is SO do-able!

Talk up our engravables and charms (they make fantastic gifts.) Chat with friends about teacher and co-worker gifts. Send a message to all your guy friends with lots of ideas, or offer to be their personal shopper for the holiday. Look for local vendor opportunities...I'm doing five in the next few weeks and people are buying up a storm! Email blast your customer list about Dot Dollars and help them get started shopping now. And it's not too late for November trunk shows...I have one for this weekend that I'm sending invites out for TODAY. There is LOTS of time and people are ready to holiday shop!

Can we do it? Absolutely! Who's in?

We're past the $1M mark!

Want to be in the Profit Sharing Pool for our new sister companies launching next year? KEEP Collective is still in Beta testing phase (meaning it hasn't officially launched, yet) and just passed the $1million mark in just 2 months! Can you imagine where that family brands pool will be a year from now? If you promote to Star by December 31st, you will earn a percentage of the profits from these new companies for the first two years of their debut. Who's intrigued?

- $2,300 PQV (personal qualifying retail)
- (4) Qualified Stylist legs (one being Associate Stylist leg)
- $12,500 GQV (group qualifying retail)

Top in Sales to Date (November)

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Home Office Training Calls

30-minute calls almost every day of the week, including a webinar for Prospective Stylists every Thursday! Choose which ones work for you and hop on!
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local stylist meet-ups

Richmond VA - SAVE THE DATE!
Monday, December 15th
Jenny Foley's Home
*Please bring a piece (or more!) of jewelry in excellent condition to donate to Massey Cancer Center

Check the Events tab (under Training) in the Lounge to find more events happening across the country!


Join me for an observation show!

Friday 11/21 - Brambleton, VA
Sunday 11/23 - Brambleton, VA
Friday 12/5 - Aldie, VA
Saturday 12/6 - Aldie, VA
Wednesday 12/10 - Brambleton, VA
Sunday 12/12 - Charles Town, West Virginia

I'm here for you! Contact me anytime!

Annie Brinker, Star Stylist